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     The Wallace & Associates Team encourages you to consider a Free Policy Review of your insurance coverage.  Life changes, and so do your insurance needs.  Just call us for an appointment to review you coverage with us, so we can work together to make sure your policies best serve you and your current insurance needs. 

    Also,  we appreciate referrals to your family and friends.   We alway offer  $20.00 Costco Gift Cards to you,  for anyone you referred to us who then comes in for their free policy review!

     More About Our Policy Reviews:   As an Independent Insurance Agency,  Wallace prides itself on representing, not one, but MANY fine insurance carriers. That means we can "shop" for the policies that best fit your individual needs.  That's the Wallace Advantage. But also know that even if you are thrilled with your coverage and what you pay, it's still good to review policies annually to make sure they reflect life and status changes. For example, has your home gained in value to the point where you may need more replacement cost if something were to happen? A policy review can help answer these kind of important questions. 

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